Technical Sessions and Posters

The CITA2019 is calling for scientific papers. Proposals must be presented in the area of food science and technology around the
following topics:

  • Health and nutrition

  • Processing and packaging technologies

  • Food chemistry

  • Food safety

  • Development of innovative products and ingredients

  • Biotechnology

  • Sensory analysis of food

  • Sustainability in the food production chain




Taxis are one of the fastest ways to travel around the city. In Costa Rica the official taxis are red with a license in the form of yellow triangular shield painted on their doors. When you take a taxi, verify that it is  equipped with its fare meters and that it works correctly.

According to the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP), the current rate is about ¢ 670 colones first kilometer and ¢ 630 colones extra kilometer. Airports also offer taxi services, the cost per kilometer varies between ¢ 740 and ¢ 850 colones.

Oferta Turística


Tourism is one of the main economic and fastest growing sectors in Costa Rica and since 1995 represents the first source of foreign exchange for its economy.

Hotel Real Intercontinental Costa Rica

Hotel Real Intercontinental Costa Rica

Hotel Real


Discover an oasis in the heart of Escazu, the most prestigious area in San Jose. The hotel is located in front of Multiplaza, the most important commercial center of the city, where you will find a wide variety of shops, bars and restaurants.

Requisitos migratorios

Migration Affairs


The visa is an authorization to enter a country. In Costa Rica, there is a regulation called Income Visa Guidelines, which establishes, according to the country of origin, what type of visa the traveler must request. So before choosing a visa it is important to review the guideline.

In addition to the visa, to visit Costa Rica, people must meet the following requirements:

Travel continuity ticket or return to the country of origin.

Demonstration of economic solvency, which corresponds to US $ 100.00 for each month of tourism.






By the first time in the CITA conferences, entrepeneurs, students, researchers, consumers and R&D teams will have the opportunity to show the talent, ideas and energy that they have brought to the field of food science and technology



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Important dates

Date Activities
January 14, 2019 Registration opening
July 15, 2019 Advance Registration deadline
June 16, 2019 Regular Registration opening
July 01, 2019 Technical sessions speakers registration deadline
September 17, 2019 CITA2019 opening


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